packaging for the dairy industry

The Challenges of Packaging for the Dairy Industry

Packaging for the dairy industry is one of the most sensitive aspects of work as packaging producers. Milk and its products are among the most tested and regulated food products across the globe. And there are good reasons for these precautions: milk can spoil easily if it is not stored at low temperature and can become contaminated if it is kept in unsafe containers.

The same issues apply to its by-products. From butter and yogurt to a large variety of soft and hard cheeses, all the dairy products need special attention from producers, distributors and retailers. Connecting the elements of this complex supply chain is the packaging for the dairy industry and, by consequence, companies like Logistic Packaging.

What Are the Key Challenges for Packaging and Storing Dairy Products?

From the moment it is collected from cows, milk must be kept in cold storage and delivered to dairy processing plants no more than 48 hours later. This means that fresh milk requires:

  • Special packaging resisting to low temperature
  • A clear procedure for fast and efficient order shipping
  • Precise labeling system to identify each milk batch.

Some elements of this complex supply chain depend on various third parties: speed of delivery depends on the capacities of the shipping company, while the integrity of the contents depends on the packaging producer.

How We Respond to the Challenges of Packaging for the Dairy Industry

From this point onward, this article will focus on ways in which the packaging industry works to provide dairy processors with safe and reliable packaging for their products. As packaging producers, the team of specialists at Logistic Packaging has extensive experience in this particular field of application.

1. Packaging for the Dairy Industry Uses Tested and Approved Materials

All the packages that we produce for the dairy industry are made from materials approved for food contact. These materials do not leak chemicals into the dairy products, even when they are in direct contact with raw milk or freshly processed cheese.

At the same time, these materials are not porous, thus they do not absorb liquids and various contaminants that may taint the contents.

2. Special Packaging Design Facilitates Sanitizing

When we design packaging for the dairy industry, we take into account:

  • The need to speed up usage cycles by shortening the time needed to wash the packaging
  • The requirement for 0% contamination.

Thus, hygienic/cleanroom pallets and the nestable containers with lids have simplified designs, with smooth surfaces, and free from awkward angles or struts. This makes the sanitizing process shorter, without losing its effectiveness.

3. Enhanced Protection against Product Damage

Contamination is not the only risks related to the packaging and shipping of dairy products. Milk cartons, yogurt jars and various soft cheeses are delicate and may get crushed or dented during storage and transport.

For this reason, we provide sturdy packaging solutions, such as stackable or nestable boxes and containers that protect the contents from mechanical shocks. At the same time, the inner walls of these packages are smooth and do not leave marks on the products.

4. Packaging for the Dairy Industry Can Be Used in Cold Storage

We calculate the temperature tolerances for our plastic pallets, containers and crates very carefully. We perform tests and observe how the material reacts to high or low temperature, whether it becomes brittle or splinters.

For packaging for the dairy industry, we select only materials that can be used in cold storage safely. Their temperature tolerance varies between-20°C and +50°C.

5. Easy Customization of Standard Packaging Materials

We understand that each dairy producer has special requests, such as adding extra protection to the packaging materials or branding them with their logo. This is why we have a wide range of accessories and customization options for all our standard packaging solutions.

From lids to reinforced bottom or extra handles, our clients can configure their packaging material to suit their specific needs.

At Logistic Packaging, food safety is our primary concern when we develop packaging for the dairy industry. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call with us to discuss your application!