stackable euro container, plastic containers for cables

Case Study: Plastic Containers for a Newly Opened Plant

One of the most challenging projects for Logistic Packaging started with a phone call from an enthusiastic logistics manager. He had been recently appointed to organize the internal processes for a plant opened in Romania by a global company specializing in infrastructure, building and other related industries and needed a large stock of plastic containers, crates and other similar packaging materials.

The main manufacturing output of the plant is represented by cable harnesses, which are packaged and shipped to other branches of the mother company. As things stood at the moment we got in touch with the prospective customer, they did not have any kind of packaging materials and were facing some very specific challenges in selecting them.

The Client’s Problem

The plant is operating according to the specifications imposed by the mother company, including productivity increase methods and warehouse organizing. The mother company has been using the Kanban work system for years, and implemented it in the Romanian branch as well.

At the warehouse level, the Romanian plant had a modular system of steel shelves installed, in compliance with the FIFO handling system. There was also a height restriction on the crates and plastic containers the client could integrate in their existing shelves. The crates had to be of the smooth bottom type for easy sliding on the conveyors, and also have ergonomic handles.

Our Approach

The logistics and packaging experts from Logistic Packaging made a visit at the client’s premises to assess the necessary quantity and type of packaging materials. The main types of products to be handled were the semi-finished cables, which had to be stored and moved from one area of the plant to another.

From further discussions with the logistics manager, our consultants understood that the plant needed reliable, long term use crates, which can be stored in a space saving manner and have a medium to short term return on investment.

The Solution: Euro Plastic Containers

Taking into consideration all the requirements and restrictions imposed by the client, Logistic Packaging recommended the plastic stackable Euro containers as the ideal type of packaging solutions for the semi-finished cables. This type of plastic container features various heights, adapted to several applications, large capacity of storage, closed handles for quick and safe manipulation and a very good ROI (1 year).

The Euro containers have other features which make them the ideal choice for our client’s requirements. They are provided with Kanban label holders, allowing quick identification and picking of the desired products and a precise monitoring of the stocks. Also, they are easy to move from one place to another of the production facility thanks to their ergonomic handles and footprint which is adapted for most models of trolleys.

In making this recommendation, we used our previous experience with other clients and our know-how in various types of packaging containers, materials, and solutions. We are convinced that in recommending the plastic Euro containers, we offered our client the best solution in terms of price, suitability to their existing infrastructure and quality. With the help of the plastic container model supplied by Logistic Packaging, they are now running a profitable and productive business, with smooth and well integrated logistic processes.