large foldable containers in sports retail

Case Study: Benefits of Using Large Foldable Containers in Sports Retail

As consumers become more aware of the importance of physical exercise, there is a growing demand for sports goods – from training shoes and tracksuits, to various types of gym equipment for home. In this case study we will demonstrate the benefit of using large foldable containers in sports retail to speed up operations and reduce loss.

The Key Issues for Sports Retail Stores

Most sports retail shops operate in a dual manner: in physical locations and through an online store. This means double effort in warehouse management, logistics, packaging and shipping.

Warehouse and store managers must pay attention to various types of stock movements:

  • In store purchases
  • Online purchases
  • Products reserved online to be picked up in store.

We received these explanations from one of our clients, the logistic operations manager of a large sports retail network operating all over Europe.

The Initial State of Packaging and Logistic Operations

When the client contacted the specialists at Logistic Packaging, the company was struggling to keep up with the increased complexity of online and offline operations. Their internal supply chain consists of:

  • Large warehouses in strategic points all over Europe
  • Local distribution hubs shipping both to physical stores and to direct customers (online orders)
  • Stores with sufficient backroom space to keep a large variety of products.

The assortment of products in the client’s offering varies from small headbands and bandanas to large equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical bicycles. In order to ship a full assortment of products, the company uses large wooden crates.

The Client’s Problem

The packaging in use by the client caused several issues:

  • It would get damaged in transit and deteriorate some products making them unsaleable
  • The crates are difficult to handle in store backrooms and tight aisles in the distribution hubs
  • The empty crates take up a lot of space to the detriment of merchandize.

In these conditions, the client needed a reliable and sturdy packaging solution, which is easy to handle and has a footprint no larger than 1200 x 800 mm.

Large Foldable Containers Are the Answer to the Client’s Requests

The team of packaging experts at Logistic Packaging did not have to spend too much time looking for a solution. They already had the experience of implementing large foldable containers in sports retail and suggested two models for the client:

Both products meet the key condition of the client – the 1200 x 800 mm footprint. And they offer all the benefits a retail network needs to optimize their operations.

Why We Recommended Large Foldable Containers in Sports Retail?

First of all, we believe in the safety, efficiency and space saving capabilities of large foldable containers in sports retail as in any other industry where large quantities of merchandize need to be distributed in a widespread network.

These collapsible big boxes are:

  • Made of virgin PPE, a sturdy material that does not splinter, chip of absorb liquids
  • Designed for intense use over a long period of time
  • Capable of a high loading capacity for a low own weight
  • Compact sized when folded down.

The Client’s Experience after Implementing Our Solution

The client agreed to our recommendation and soon noticed improvements in their operations. With large foldable containers in sports retail logistics, the company has now reduced its loss caused by damaged products in transit.

At the same time, store employees are very happy with the model of foldable pallet container on wheels, which is easy to handle. In distribution hubs, the containers on skids can be easily handled by logistic equipment, without damaging either the packaging or its contents.

Also, each store backroom and distribution hub now has a smaller space allotted to empty packages, as the folded down containers take much less space than the old packaging solution.

The team at Logistic Packaging knows what your business needs in order to streamline its logistics operations and reduce costs. We offer you expert advice, standard packaging solutions or custom made packages to suit your specific needs. Send us an email or schedule a video Skype call with us now!