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Developing a New Set of Best Practices in Logistics and Supply Chain to Handle New Market Demands

As logistics and supply chain professionals waited for the global lockdown to end, the world changed under our eyes. Health and safety procedures changed, the purchasing power took a major hit and many people found themselves without a job. At the same time, they have changed their purchasing habits, and this change will not revert back anytime soon.

Here’s just a simple example: the global demand for sanitizers, soap and other similar hygiene products has increased by nearly 250% during the last few months. Meanwhile, other products, such as those necessary in the HORECA industry showed a major drop in sales.

Adapting Production Is Not Sufficient to Keep the Supply Chain Going

As we have shown in a previous article, the COVID crisis forced the supply chain to adapt, starting from the zero point: production. Fashion brands started producing gloves and face masks, distilleries and perfume brands turned to sanitizer manufacturing to meet the global demand and continue to generate revenues.

However, a change in production capacities must be accompanied by other changes, as well. For the packaging experts at Logistic Packaging, one of the most obvious changes that need to be implemented refers to the way businesses pack and ship the new products they manufacture.

Rely on the Versatility of Reusable Packaging Materials

The silver lining in this situation is that companies using returnable plastic packages do not need to invest in new solutions. Professional packaging has a high degree of versatility and customization.

For instance, large foldable containers simply need a new set of dunnage or interior dividers to help manufacturers pack the items they produce now in a safe and efficient manner. With careful planning together with your trusted packaging provider, your company can adapt its stock of packages to the new needs and demands.

Transparent Communication Is More Important Than Ever

Surviving the (inevitable) economic crisis that will follow is possible only if supply chains across the globe become more agile and transparent. Communication is key starting from sourcing of raw materials to information printed on labels for consumers.

This means getting all the stakeholders on the same page with your company’s plans for the short and medium term: the shipping partner, the packaging supplier, the customs commissioners, etc.

Reorganize Warehousing Operations

The warehouse is the central node of supply chain. With clear procedures, a smart labeling system and logistic machines to automate work, you will always be prepared to honor last moment orders, supplement existing orders and redistribute stocks to other warehouses or stores that demand immediate supply.

At Logistic Packaging, we know how important warehouse space is. Our space saving packaging solutions and labeling accessories are designed to help you manage your warehouse more efficiently.

Empower Your Employees to Become Problem Solvers

During these uncertain times, employees are your most valuable asset. Innovative ideas and solutions can make the difference and give your company a competitive edge. Within our organization, for instance, we are always relying on our team, not only the R&D department, to share their experience, the ideas identified together with clients in order to develop new reusable packaging solutions.

From logistics and supply chain, to marketing, manufacturing and shipping, there is always room for improvement. And there is always a simpler and more efficient way of doing things, eliminating unnecessary and time consuming steps to reach the end goal.

Logistic Packaging is the number one supporter of our clients with any packaging, logistics and supply chain solutions and advice necessary to keep your business going. Get in touch with us by email or live Skype chat and let our experts assist you!