bespoke standard packaging

Bespoke Standard Packaging: Choose Customization Options that Fit Your Needs

Standard packaging materials help businesses optimize costs, plan production, shipping and inventories, as well as save space in the warehouse and in trailers. However, for some companies, stock packaging has one downside: these returnable packaging do not help them draw attention to their brand image and build customer loyalty. This is a valid point, in an era where brand image has become more important than ever. For this reason, Logistic Packaging offers all our clients the option to order bespoke standard packaging.

Bespoke Standard Packaging: the Best of Both Worlds Combination

Some companies prefer to create their fully customized returnable packaging materials. And they rely on our team of packaging professionals to design and produce unique packaging kits that fit their product perfectly.

Other companies prefer the convenience of standard packaging. Yet, they want to be able to make their brand image visible, as well as ensure that their packages do not get lost or discarded after unloading. To reach both goals, we offer them the option to customize standard packaging. Thus, bespoke standard packaging offers all the benefits of EURO containers, EURO plastic pallets or foldable small containers plus the unique look of the company’s brand image.

Types of Customizations Available for Bespoke Standard Packaging

As technology evolves, our company is able to offer our clients a larger range of customization options for their bespoke standard packaging materials. At the present, you can request the following customization options for standard packaging solutions:

1. Brand Colors

You can order large quantities of bespoke standard packaging in your dominant brand color. This will help build brand loyalty with your B2B clients, but also with individual consumers.

Branded packaging also offers the guarantee that your products are packed and shipped with the same high standard of care you use in producing them. It is also convenient for retail stores to identify shipments and speed up the acceptance of deliveries.

2. Screen Printing

Screen printing is a simple and effective technique of personalizing plastic packaging materials. You can choose to print:

  • Your brand name
  • Your logo
  • The tag line (motto) of your brand
  • Barcodes.

Screen printing is one of the most popular customization options for bespoke standard packaging. Many companies choose to screen print their logo and a barcode on packaging materials used for the same type of products.

In this way, whenever they deliver merchandize to their clients, they can easily accept the delivery by reading the barcode on each plastic pallet or shipping tote.

3. Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is the customization option we recommend for bespoke standard packaging that is subject to intense use and exposure to weather conditions. While printing may fade off after repeated exposure to dirt, liquids and other contaminants, hot stamped logos and barcodes will remain legible for a very long time.

Hot stamping is one of the best choices for large containers used in warehouses and long distance shipping.

4. Embedded RFID Chips

Safety and traceability are critical for the pharma industry. When we sell standard shipping totes for pharma clients, our clients often ask us to embed RFID chips into their products.

These bespoke standard packaging materials help pharma distributors keep track of their products in transit and drug stores track each batch of products to a specific producer and distribution hub.

5. Bespoke Accessories for Standard Packages

Finally, various clients have specific requirements for their packaging materials, which are only partly met by stock products. In this case, they can customize these products with various accessories, such as:

  • Lids
  • Seals
  • Label holders.

Logistic Packaging can help you create bespoke standard packaging materials, at a lower cost than fully customized packages, but meeting your specific requirements. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call with us to discuss your application!