half pallets

Benefits of Using Half Pallets

One of the complaints we hear from clients, especially small retail distributors and grocery stores, is that plastic pallets are doing nothing to improve their operations and help them reduce costs. Upon closer investigation, the Logistic Packaging experts found out that the problem is not the palet per se, but its size. This is why we decided to shed more light on a less popular range of plastic pallets: the half pallets.

What Exactly Are Half Pallets?

As their name states, half pallets are smaller in size compared to standard pallets. They are not precisely half the size of a EURO pallet; however, they maintain the same proportions of the footprint.

Half pallets are also known as display (or retail) pallets, and they are frequently used by supermarkets to display products in a space saving and visually appealing manner. Customers have easy access to the merchandize, and the pallets can be strategically arranged in places with high traffic between the store aisles.

Who Needs Half Pallets?

As we hinted at the beginning of the article, half pallets are useful for businesses that do not ship large quantities of products per order. However, they have a steady flow of products in and out of their warehouses. Large, heavy duty pallets are not a good option for these companies, because they take up a lot of space and they are never used to their maximum capacity.

In turn, this means reduced efficiency in using the storage space in the warehouse and the trailer. Since we are talking about small and medium sized businesses, cost optimization is essential for their survival. Thus, half pallets meet all the demands of these businesses, which we will detail below.

Without further introductions, these are the main benefits of using half pallets:

1. Pack Smaller Orders in a Space Saving Manner

Half pallets do not have the same loading capacity, of a heavy-duty pallet, but they can also withstand static loads of up to 500 kg and dynamic loads of up to 250 kg. This means that you can load shipping totes in stacks on the pallet and minimize the volume of your shipment.

Coupled with other smart strategies, such as using transport grouping services, your company can significantly lower its operational costs.

2. Handle Merchandize in Tight Spaces

Small warehouses need to be properly organized to hold a sufficient stock of merchandize to honor ongoing orders. This involves using special design principles, such as: narrower aisles, use of vertical space, clearly designated areas for special uses, etc.

When you have narrow aisles, you also have reduced freedom of movements. Using smaller plastic pallets – half pallets – becomes a necessity in order to handle merchandize, including order picking activities, in a fast, safe and efficient manner. The same reasoning is applicable to small supermarkets with narrow aisles.

3. Reduce Clutter and Wasted Space

Even if space is not a problem, you want to make the most of it. And half pallets help you achieve this goal. The best selling models of half pallets in the Logistic Packaging catalog have feet and are nestable when they are not loaded with products.

This is one of the simplest ways of saving space in your warehouse or store backroom and reducing clutter at the same time.

4. Simpler Loading and Unloading Procedures

Half pallets are easier to load and unload than full sized plastic pallets. They are adequate for:

  • Handling by forklifts
  • Placing on dollies and trolleys
  • Moving around the facility by pallet trucks.

In this way, your company will optimize the time for loading trailers or, as applicable, unloading the order and taking it directly to the store aisles.

5. Cater to the Needs of Smaller Grocery Stores

Should you have one big client, or several smaller ones? Any business savvy warehouse manager knows the answer: a diversified client portfolio is the key to success. Smaller stores need constant deliveries, just like large hypermarkets.

However, they will generally place smaller orders and require you to send them arranged on smaller pallets, fitting their backroom doors and aisles. Half pallets are the perfect packaging solution for these clients, as well as for your own company.

The Logistic Packaging team is ready to help you identify the adequate packaging solutions for your business and for your clients. Contact us by email or Skype video call to discuss your application!