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Going beyond the Stigma: Benefits of Plastic You Did Not Know Of

When Logistic Packaging consultants discuss with potential clients about benefits of plastic packaging, many of them take a wary stance. The word plastic rings an unpleasant bell for them. It is true that, due to misuse and inadequate waste management, plastic has become a source of global pollution.

However, plastic itself is not the problem. In an attempt to raise awareness among our readers and clients, we want to shed light over several benefits of plastic known to professionals. We do this type of article, from time to time, because we believe than an informed client will take smart decisions. Thus, we want all purchasing and logistics managers who have doubts to understand that returnable plastic packaging is not a source of pollution – on the contrary.

Why Not Placing the Blame on Plastic?

First of all, let us make one thing clear: we support responsible use of plastic materials. We believe that plastic is a useful material, which offers many benefits, compared to other materials used in packaging, such as wood and cardboard.

We do not support the irresponsible dumping of plastic wastes, instead of sending them for recycling. The main source of plastic pollution is not your stackable plastic container or plastic pallet, but single-use consumer items, such as cups, tableware, bags and straws for soft drinks. These items usually end up in landfills, in oceans and in the soil.

What Are Some Benefits of Plastic You Should Know Of?

As we made our stance clear on the adequate use of plastic, let us focus on some of the most important benefits of this material:

1. Plastic Is Safe to Use

Plastic is one of the most heavily regulated materials. It undergoes countless of tests. And these tests meet the safety standards in the most sensitive fields: food and pharmaceuticals. All the returnable packaging in our catalog recommended for use in the food industry is made of plastic approved for food contact.

What does this mean? It means that you can put raw or processed foods directly into these containers, and they will not leak any kind of chemicals or other substances into the food.

2. Plastic Containers Extend Shelf Life

Here is one of the most important benefits of plastic for agribusinesses. Plastic containers for fresh produce can extend the shelf life of very sensitive fruit and vegetables, as well as potatoes or onions.

Plastic does not absorb moisture, thus, the content will not be tainted from previous uses. Also, the design of the container features vented sides and perforated bottoms. With adequate ventilation and quick discharge of any liquids, fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for a longer time.

3. Plastic Is Recyclable

Most types of plastics used for returnable packaging are recyclable, especially high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). They are accepted at most recycling centers all over the world and can be used over and over again without losing their properties and characteristics.

4. Plastic Does Not Deplete Natural Resources

This is one of the benefits of plastic that derives from the items above. Plastic recycling programs are extremely well implemented in Europe. At the present, according to PlasticsEurope – the association of European plastics manufacturers – only maximum 6% of all crude oil is used for making plastic. The rest of the demand is supplied from recycled plastics.

5. Plastic Is a Long Lasting Material

Returnable plastic packaging is built to last. How much? At least 5-6 years, under conditions of intense and repeated use. At Logistic Packaging, we want to help reduce plastic pollution, as well as our customers’ operational costs.

Our plastic containers, pallets and other packaging solutions have a low total cost of ownership and help companies achieve a full ROI.

Logistic Packaging and other professional plastic packaging producers are not a part of the problem, but the solution to reducing pollution. Contact us by email or schedule a live Skype chat to learn more about the benefits of plastic packaging and find the ideal products for your application!