EURO containers are ideal for use with intralogistics systems

Benefits of Using EURO Containers for Intralogistics

Modern intralogistics systems used in automated warehouses are essential in the era of same day delivery. The finely tuned and synchronized machines work faster than employees and can lift heavy loads, which exceed the maximum safe weight a person can carry. However, these automated systems operate well only with specific types of packaging materials, such as EURO containers.

These are the most frequently used packages for intralogistics systems for various reasons. The packaging specialists at Logistic Packaging will discuss some of the key features and benefits of these standard footprint plastic containers for warehousing and other facilities using intralogistics.

1. A Wide Range of Bases for Multiple Uses

EURO containers can be made with various types of bases, to suit any type of use:

  • Sandwich base for use in suspended racking system
  • Reinforced base for heavy loads
  • Ribbed base to offer extra stability in stack
  • Smooth, closed base for use on conveyor belts.

The packaging industry developed this variety of models after listening to demands from customers and understanding the way automated warehouses work.

2. Special Design Features for Robotic Manipulation

Returnable packaging recommended for intralogistics systems takes into account the fact that most of the containers are handled by robotic arms or forklifts. They feature various struts and openings that offer automated machines a good grip on the container from any side.

However, the design of the EURO containers does not ignore the fact that employees may need to handle the packages. Thus, these stackable plastic containers feature ergonomic closed handles on the short sides.

3. Quiet Running on Conveyor Belts

The EURO containers with a smooth base are recommended for use on conveyor belts. This type of base makes minimal noise when running along conveyors. Thus, warehouse employees are protected from noise pollution, which can cause permanent hearing loss in time.

Moreover a smooth base keeps the container moving smoothly along the conveyor belt, preventing downtime to remove a toppled container and manually collecting spilled contents.

4. Sturdy Build for Heavy Loads and Intensive Use

Warehouses and production facilities are highly fast paced environments. Goods are constantly on the move, and this means that packaging materials are subject to intensive use.

And this is one of the aspects taken into consideration by packaging producers in designing and making packages for intralogistics systems. Our stackable EURO boxes have a very sturdy build and are impact resistant. They remain stable even in high stacks and have a high stack load of up to 200 kg.

5. Available in Non-Standard Sizes for Specific Applications

Given the popularity of these containers used in intralogistics, our team created list of the most commonly demanded non-EURO bases. Thus, we decided to create a separate standard range of non-EURO stackable containers.

They offer the same benefits and features as the standard line, but have atypical bases, such as:

  • 450 x 300 mm
  • 505 x 260 mm
  • 600 x 500 mm
  • 700 x 500 mm.

Logistic Packaging is your one-stop-shop for any packaging solutions for intralogistics systems. Our consultants will analyze your business needs and recommend the most adequate packaging materials. Send us an email to start discussing your packaging project with us!