bale arm containers case study

Bale Arm Containers Help Fresh Meat Distributor Optimize Their Logistic Flow

Fresh meat is one of the staples in any cuisine around the globe, especially beef. It is tasty and nutritious and people have learned to prepare it in countless ways, from the traditional beefsteak to more exotic recipes. Thus, for meat producers and distributors, this is a thriving market – but one with high demands. The beef cuts must reach the stores in impeccable condition, free from any contamination and with a sufficient shelf life to allow stores to sell it in due time.

In this case study, we will show how our company helped a fresh meat distributor optimize their logistic operations by adopting a modern and reliable packaging solution: bale arm containers.

The Client’s Problem: Bottlenecks in Meat Distribution

The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging had a meeting with the logistics manager of the company. The meat distributor was struggling for some time to meet the increased demand for products, including from grocery delivery apps.

The problem appeared as soon as the company introduced a new automated packaging line. The fresh meat would go into individual packaging, sealed with stretch film and then placed into boxes. The process worked smoothly until the packaged meat was placed into the cardboard boxes the company used for local distribution.

On a daily basis, workers had to pick up a fallen box, examine each meat package for damage, and place the packages into a new box. This meant that, in reality, the packaging and shipping process was semi-automated and was prone to delays due to various incidents.

The Logistic Packaging Team Weigh In

Our experts realized the nature of the problem as soon as they heard that the client upgraded their facilities but not their packaging materials. This is a common issue among all companies that try to adopt new technologies on a “step-by-step” basis.

Modern and automated assembly/packaging/distribution lines are designed for modern packaging materials, i.e. reusable plastic containers and pallets. These professional plastic packaging materials are carefully designed to offer stability during automatic handling, as well as ergonomic handling by employees.

After careful consideration, we decided that the client would benefit from the implementation of bale arm containers.

Why Bale Arm Containers?

Our choice came naturally after analyzing the client’s products and logistic processes. Bale arm containers have a specific design feature, which gives their name. The bale arms can be placed in two positions:

  • One for stacking, preventing marking to the products in the crate below
  • One for nesting, to save storage space.

Moreover the containers have perforated sides to ensure that the products inside are properly ventilated and any condensation evaporates quickly. For the client’s specific use case, we recommended the model of bale arm containers with a smooth, full base, ideal for use on automated packaging lines.

The Client’s Feedback after Implementing Bale Arm Containers

The client accepted our solution and we remained in close contact with the company during the entire transition period and afterwards. Several months after replacing the old packaging solutions with bale arm containers, the client reported several improvements:

  • Zero incidents on the packaging line involving fallen boxes
  • A significant decrease in monthly losses due to damaged products
  • A relevant decrease in delivery times
  • A decrease in costs with packaging materials.

The company is now able to handle even last minute orders thanks to the automated packaging line and bale arm containers. Moreover, they are considering expanding the packaging facility, as they have found ways to free up floor space by using the nestable containers.

The Logistic Packaging team is ready to help any company optimize its operations and overheads by recommending the adequate packaging materials for your specific needs. Send us and email to start discussing your application with one of our packaging experts!