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Bale Arm Containers Help Ecommerce Grocery Delivery Service Take Off

Looking at the last two years, we hardly believe how much our world has changed. Yet, if there is a silver lining in the situation we are all going through, we have seen the amazing strength of human resilience. Both individual and businesses have found new ways of coping with stay at home mandates and various other restrictions. In this case study, we will look at the growing popularity of a new type of service – ecommerce grocery delivery – and the role of high quality bale arm containers in helping new businesses take off.

Home Deliveries Are Now the Norm for Every Type of Product

Fresh produce, laundry detergent, milk, coffee, toiletries and a few pairs of socks – this looks like a regular shopping list. And it actually is. But it is not neatly written on a piece of paper and carried around the supermarket. Instead, the customer picks the products from a mobile app, pays online and waits for their weekly shopping to be delivered at their door.

This is the business model of a client who contacted the Logistic Packaging experts to select returnable packaging solutions for grocery deliveries. A new player on an already growing market, the client had several requirements:

  • The ability to store empty boxes in a space saving manner as they do not have large warehouse space
  • Reliable packages, designed for long term use and maintaining the professional look even after intense use
  • The ability to customize the packaging materials in order to increase brand awareness among customers.

Logistic Packaging Experts Evaluate the Client’s Request

Over the years, our company has worked closely with various ecommerce companies and delivery services. Thus, we understand the challenges they face. And we also understand that new companies need to make a good impression among customers from the very beginning.

We looked at all the eligible packaging solutions we offer for this type of client and made our selection: bale arm containers.

Reasons Why We Recommended Bale Arm Containers

Ecommerce grocery delivery poses specific challenges. There is no question of next day delivery – customers want to receive the products within the hour after ordering them. Thus, delivery companies need to keep a large fleet of small vans, capable of covering a specific area around partner supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The challenges for this type of delivery service are:

  • Limited storage space in vans to keep both loaded and unloaded containers
  • The containers must have an ergonomic design, easy to lift and carry by one person
  • The container must be easy to clean and sanitize in order to return to a new use cycle as soon as possible.

Bale arm containers meet all these conditions, plus other specific conditions set by the client. Our reasons to recommend this packaging solution were:

1. Space Saving Capabilities

Bale arm containers are stackable and nestable, depending on the position of the arms. The model we recommended the client is the 600.x 400 x 400 mm tote, ideal for holding the average order made by clients. Even fully loaded, it is easy to handle by a single delivery person. Once the delivery was made, the courier pulls back the bale arms and nests it under a full container.

2. Smooth Walls Ideal for Hot Stamping the Company Logo

The special design of bale arm containers allowed us to print large sized logos on each of the four sides. In this way, the client’s brand image gets maximum visibility no matter how the courier handles the container.

3. Open Container Allowing Customers to Pick Up Their Groceries

Bale arm containers are not provided with lids, allowing customers to see the products and pick them. This means that the delivery courier has no contact with the client’s order, increasing confidence among shoppers and reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

The Client’s Feedback

The ecommerce grocery delivery company purchased a batch of fully customized bale arm containers: company color and logo printed on all four sides. After a few months, the client reported that both their couriers and the end customers are very happy with the packaging solution: they are easy to handle and inspire confidence in the safety of the packaging and delivery process.

Currently, the client is featuring the bale arm containers in TV commercials and promotional videos on social media platforms as part of their brand awareness campaign.

The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging is ready to help you identify the ideal returnable packaging solution for your business, no matter how complex your requirements may be. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call with us to discuss your application!