foldable large containers

Automotive Producer Gets in the Fast Lane for Deliveries with Foldable Large Containers

When we are discussing our top selling products with potential customers, we like to point out their versatile use, such as is the case for foldable large containers. We have successfully implemented this heavy duty and space saving packaging solution for a wide range of companies, operating in different industries.

In today’s case study, we will discuss the complex and costly problems an automotive part manufacturer had with their old packaging materials, and the way in which our consultants solved the customer’s problem.

At the Heart of the Problem: Packing and Shipping Heavy Duty and Expensive Products

This particular automotive manufacturer produces turbochargers. These are specialized and expensive components which are installed in the car engine to increase its performance. The average turbocharger is both voluminous and heavy, so our client used sturdy steel pallet boxes with the 1200 x 800 mm footprint.

The steel pallet boxes were stored in a high racking system and also used for shipping products to the end customers. Also, the client used various plastic inlays to protect the turbochargers from friction with the mesh of the steel boxes and prevent damages to them. Any damaged product represents an expensive loss for the company.

What Our Consultants Found

The first thing our consultants noted when looking over the client’s logistic operations and papers was the large number of repairs required for damaged steel pallet boxes. Around 120 such pallet boxes were sent for repairs every single week.

The second notable problem was hygiene: steel pallets are notoriously hard to clean and remove all traces of oils and other contaminations. The client’s packaging materials, although undergoing long and expensive washing cycles still looked less than perfectly clean and hygienic. This was certainly not a point in their favor when their end customers received expensive turbochargers packed in this manner.

Last but not least, the rigid steel containers are both heavy and voluminous, adding up to the total weight of each shipment, taking up a lot of place in the warehouse when empty and not allowing the client to use efficiently the trailer space when preparing orders for transport.

Why Foldable Large Containers Was The Obvious Answer to the Client’s Problem

After assessing the state of the client’s operations and stock of packaging materials, the experts from Logistic Packaging did not hesitate to propose replacing the steel pallet boxes with plastic foldable large containers.

These are the main points recommending the foldable large containers as the ideal solution for the automotive manufacturer:

  • The foldable large containers are available in all standard footprints, including 1200 x 800 mm;
  • They can be handled with a forklift, in order to arrange them on the client’s high racking system;
  • They are easy to clean, resistant to many contaminants including oils, grease, and various chemicals;
  • They are easy to set up and fold down by one person;
  • They save costs on the return journey, and storage space in the warehouse because they reduce their volume by 70%.

The Outcome

Our client is now happily reporting an improvement in the flexibility of preparing and shipping orders for their customers and a decrease in ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs for the foldable large containers. Also, they found a better use for the warehouse space which used to be taken up by empty steel containers.

Once again, the foldable large containers have proven their versatile character in solving different packaging problems in various industries.