attached lid containers

Attached Lid Containers – the Champions of Last Stage of Delivery

Our specialists are usually tasked with looking at the big picture in supply chain. They analyze the process as a whole and seek integrated solutions for the present and the future. But we also know that it pays off to focus attention on each stage of the supply chain, because this is the best way of finding flaws and errors which cause disruption. There is a saying that little strokes fell great oaks, and this is perfectly true for the global supply chain. For this reason, this article will focus on the last stage of delivery and the role of attached lid containers in its fulfillment.

What Are the Challenges Companies Face in the Last Stage of Delivery?

The last stage of delivery is the final portion of the journey of an order, ending with handing over to the end customer. When we say customer, we take into consideration all types of distributions:

  • From a delivery service to a consumer who placed an online order
  • From a local delivery hub to local stores
  • From one store to another to solve urgent stock shortages.

While other stages of delivery involve shipping over the ocean or transportation by truck on highways, the last stage of delivery takes place either in crowded cities or remote towns and villages. Both environments pose specific challenges, from the difficulty of delivering on time in heavy traffic to poorly maintained road infrastructure.

During this stage, products are at high risk of damage due to poor road conditions, traffic accidents or the need to apply the brakes suddenly. This is why most companies will repackage the products from other types of returnable plastic containers into attached lid containers.

Attached Lid Containers – Designed for Protection and Easy Identification

Our company offers attached lid containers in no less than 12 different sizes, starting from the small 600 x 400 x 240 mm shipping tote to the generous 800 x 600 x 540 mm attached lid container. This variety is the result of our customers’ demands, to fit their various packaging and delivery needs.

The popularity of attached lid containers for last stage of delivery is justified by the specific features and benefits it offers:

1. Optimal Protection Even for Sensitive Products

Attached lid containers are frequently used by pharma distribution companies to deliver medicines and vaccines to hospitals and pharmacies. The containers are resistant to temperatures between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius, making them the right choice for the cold chain.

Also, the crocodile lid stays firmly closed, preventing the spillage of the products, even during rough journeys.

2. Seals to Guarantee the Integrity of the Cargo

Food and pharma products can become dangerous if they are tainted by any contamination. Once the products are packed for last stage delivery in attached lid containers, a seal can be applied over the crocodile lead to guarantee integrity.

Any unauthorized attempt to tamper or interfere with the contents of the container will leave visible, indelible marks on the lid, as the seal is broken or removed.

3. Designed for Quick Order Picking and Preparation

One of the key benefits of attached lid containers is in their name. The attached lid removes the need to look for an adequate lid to place on top of the container. It may seem an insignificant operation, but it can save a lot of time in order picking and preparation. Any minute counts in today’s supply chain and distribution companies know that speedy delivery is a major competitive advantage.

Also, the lid closes firmly and with little effort and does not require supplementary load securing accessories. You may add a seal or a RFID chip for enhanced anti-tampering protection.

4. Color Coded Lids Help Distribution Agents Make Faster Deliveries

At Logistic Packaging, we are open to various requests from our clients to customize our standard range of products. Thus, we can deliver attached lid containers in various colors or with barcodes printed on the lid or on the sides.

This will help your company’s delivery agents identify products per each delivery location and complete their round on time, without losing time looking for the packages and potential delivery errors (wrong products, missing products, etc.).

5. Sturdy Build for Intense Use over a Long Period of Time

Attached lid containers are designed and built to withstand intense wear and tear over many use cycles. In the situation when the lid becomes unhinged or damaged, you can order replacement parts from us. Thus, you save money by repairing, rather than replacing containers.

At Logistic Packaging, we are committed to helping companies optimize costs without sacrificing quality and shipping safety. Send us an email to learn more about the benefits of using attached lids containers for last stage of delivery and find the right dimensions for your distribution needs!