attached lid containers

Attached Lid Containers – The Surprising Best Choice in Packaging Materials for a Lingerie Manufacturer

Attached lid containers have many practical applications in various industries, and with each client case we discover even more new implementations. For this particular situation, the team of specialists from Logistic Packaging received a message from a distressed logistics manager of a top European lingerie manufacturer. The key problem this company had was the closed logistic loop during the manufacturing process.

A Long Way To Go, With Dangers Ahead

This company has a long and complex process of producing fine ladies’ lingerie and bathing suits. The materials arrive in bulk and are cut to size in one factory. They are shipped to another facility where they are sewn. Finally, the products are sent along for individual packing and stored in regional warehouses, ready to be shipped to various stores.

This logistic loop involves lots of shipping and handling of the raw and semi-finished materials. It is important to note the specific nature of these materials: fine silk, delicate lace and microfiber. Without proper protection during shipping and storage, these materials would be damaged beyond salvage by weather conditions, dust, accidental spillages, etc.

Yet, these expensive and sensitive fabrics were being shipped from one factory to another in cardboard boxes. The packaging specialists from Logistic Packaging realized that the client really needed a change in this respect.

The Challenges Faced by The Logistics Experts

The key issue which needed to be solved was to identify a packaging solution which:

  • Offers safe storage for delicate products during transport and handling
  • Is robust, yet compact sized, adapted to the shelf system in the client’s warehouse
  • Meets the requirements of an order picking and distribution box: lightweight, easy to handle, with sealable lid
  • Takes up little space when empty

Also, the client explained that all their production facilities shared the same handling and warehousing systems, therefore the packaging material needed to be sturdy enough to go through the entire logistic loop: material cutting, sewing, warehouse storage and distribution to stores.

An Unexpected Solution: Attached Lid Containers

The logistic experts were ready to come up with a specific customized solution for the client’s problem, when they realized that a standard range product fitted all the requirements: attached lid containers. This is the type of one box does it all packaging solution which the lingerie manufacturer needed.

But in reality, despite its versatile character, this model of distribution container has rarely been required by the textile industry. However, the design and characteristics of this storage and distribution box are perfectly adapted for the client’s needs:

  • It has compact dimensions, but is made of sturdy polypropylene;
  • The attached lid offers maximum protection to the contents and can be made even more secure by adding optional seals;
  • The design of the containers has many grip points to enable manual handling;
  • When empty, the containers can be nested, saving up to 70% storage space.

In addition to the standard features of the attached lid containers, the logistics specialists from Logistic Packaging recommended customizing them with Placard label holders. Also, they designed a primary barcode label, to accompany the products throughout the entire manufacturing journey, providing each new facility with the basic information they needed about the contents.

An Expected Result: Fewer Losses, Improved Logistic Flow

The client reported a visible improvement in their internal logistic loop after the implementation of the attached lid containers. No longer obliged to set aside a budget for repeated purchases of cardboard boxes, they could focus on developing other sensitive areas of their business.

At the same time, there was a smaller quantity of damaged fabrics and semi-finished products, leading to an improvement of the profit/loss ratio in their financial statements. As unlikely as they first appeared, attached lid containers proved to be the ideal choice for this customer.