bale arm containers

Agribusiness Chooses Bale Arm Containers to Increase Hygiene and Sustainability

Farms have traditionally packed and shipped their fresh produce in wooden crates for decades. However, in the current day and age, agribusinesses understand that they need to upgrade their packaging solutions to something more sustainable, hygienic and cost effective. For such a company, bale arm containers proved the winning choice.

A Business Steeped in Tradition Needs a Modern Approach

Producing food is one of the oldest activities for humans, one that will never stop being in demand. Farms have offered people delicious and nutritious legumes, vegetables and fruit for centuries. For modern agribusinesses, which own farms in various countries in Europe, the harvest time is one of the most rewarding and challenging periods.

For a specific company, whose logistics manager contacted the packaging specialists at Logistic Packaging, the main issue was their stock of wooden crates. They need repairs often and would sometimes break down completely, damaging a percentage of produce. During transportation, the damaged produce would, in turn, spoil others, creating a significant percentage of unsaleable merchandize.

The logistics manager was looking for a modern packaging solution to replace these unreliable crates.

Logistic Packaging Specialists Weigh in the Issue

For our packaging experts, the client’s problem is serious. Food safety is one of the most important aspects for us in recommending returnable packaging solutions to various companies. The second issue is helping the client reduce their operational costs through:

  • Reliable packaging solutions with a long useful life
  • A low total cost of ownership for the batch of returnable packages
  • Space saving packaging materials that help optimize transportation costs
  • Mitigating loss by reducing the percentage of merchandize damaged in transit.

It was clear to our specialists that the wooden crates had to go. The agribusiness needed a completely new packaging solution for their range of products, from sensitive fruit to large legumes and vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and vegetable marrows.

Our Recommendation for the Client: Bale Arm Containers

After considering several other options, the Logistic Packaging consultants finally selected bale arm containers as the best solution for the client’s needs. We took into consideration various factors:

  • The fresh produce is loaded manually at the place of harvesting
  • A part of the produce is delivered at a food processing facility, with a clearnoom policy
  • The company is looking to reduce its carbon print and becoming more sustainable
  • Some produce is labeled bio and needs to be 100% protected from contamination and damage.

Putting together all these factors, our consultants had an obvious answer to all of them.

Why Bale Arm Containers?

This special range of stack and nest containers have a special design feature: the bale arms. When fully pulled out, the container can be nested inside another contained. When fully pulled in, the bale arms offer a solid base for stacking another container on top, without crushing the products.

Moreover, bale arm containers:

  • Are made of PP approved for food contact
  • Have a sturdy build, ideal for intense use cycles for a long period of time
  • Have vented sides and base, allowing proper ventilation and liquid draining
  • Can be cleaned and sanitized using a standard washing cycle in an industrial container washing machine.

The Client Sends an Update after Implementation

The agribusiness accepted our recommendation and ordered a batch of bale arm containers. Within months, they contacted us to report the first notable improvements. First of all, they noted a significant drop in the percentage of damaged products delivered to their customers.

Also, the cleanroom facility staff was satisfied with the new packaging solution, as they did not have to unload the produce outside the facility and reload them into hygienic containers.

Last, but not least, the client could reduce their operational expenses for repairing and replacing damaged wooden crates, which allowed them to consider further investments to make their business more sustainable and eco-friendly.

At Logistic Packaging, our experts are focused on solving your problems, and helping you find reliable and sustainable packaging solutions. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call to discuss your application!