benefits of using plastic pallets

7 Core Benefits of Using Plastic Pallets

We have written a lot about plastic pallets in the past, and we will continue to do so. As plastic packaging producers and logistics experts, we constantly discover news ways in which these basic packaging materials benefit the global supply chain. We say that global transportation was built on the steam engine – the first truly economic and powerful way of carrying people and goods on long distances. In the same way, we believe that global trade was built on the pallet – the packaging and shipping unit that made international goods delivery and pricing possible.

Why Some Companies Still Resist Change

The main reason we still write about the benefits of using plastic pallets is the fact that many companies still believe that wooden pallets are a better choice for them, because they are cheaper. Indeed, the initial purchase price is lower, but it comes with hidden costs. These costs come from:

  • The difficulty to clean wooden pallets and make them hygienic
  • The damage to delicate products due to chips and splinters
  • The labor accidents costing companies in lost labor time and compensation for injured workers
  • The impossibility to use these pallets with modern warehousing and logistics machinery
  • The short useful life of wooden pallets.

What Is Different about Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets are the new norm in terms of professional packaging. While nothing new can be done for improving wooden pallets, plastic pallets manufacturers like Logistic Packaging constantly invest in new designs and new materials to make our products better adapted to our customers’ needs.

For this reason, you can expect plastic pallets to keep up with the various demands and standards in your industry, as well as with your own particular applications.

These Are the Key Benefits of Using Plastic Pallets

We thought long and hard about finding the most relevant benefits of plastic pallets for our potential clients, no matter what industry they operate in. And we came up with these:

1. Plastic Pallets Have a Long Life and a Low TCO

One of the first benefits of using plastic pallets for any business in the current economic context is the reduction of costs and achieving a better ROI. Plastic pallets can be used for years without needing repairs or complex washing cycles to clean and sanitize. Once they reach the end of life, they are also 100% recyclable.

This is an important benefit for any company looking for ways of cutting costs without compromising the speed, quality and smooth operation of their supply chain.

2. Plastic Pallets Help You Trace Your Goods

Product theft and loss represent major issues for companies. To counteract them, companies use smart tracing tools like RFID chips and anti-theft seals. One of the benefits of using plastic pallets is that they can be equipped with some of these accessories that help you monitor your shipments from checkpoint to checkpoint until their final destination point.

3. Plastic Pallets Facilitate Shipping and Export

Plastic pallets have a sturdy build and standard footprints (EURO or ISO). This helps companies organize their shipments in a trailer, either on their own or as part of a grouped shipment. It also means that goods can pass faster through customs, because it is easier to count the items and calculate the customs taxes due for each shipment.

To make matters simpler for your company and your international clients, you can pack your goods on one-way export pallets. They will protect the goods in transit and are easy to recycle by the recipient.

4. Plastic Pallets Are Approved for Food Contact

Food processing companies and agribusinesses can safely store and ship their products on this type of pallets. Among other key benefits of plastic pallets is the fact that you can purchase special models created for the food and pharma industries. These pallets are approved for use in cleanrooms and other hygienic environments.

5. Plastic Pallets Are Easy to Clean

Wooden pallets can never be 100% cleaned and sanitized. Their porous structure absorbs odors, liquids, oils and fats. By contrast, a plastic pallet does not absorb or retain contaminants and can be quickly cleaned using a standard washing cycle in a specialized machine.

This means that you will always send your products to clients on clean pallets, which maintain their features, qualities and professional look for a long time.

6. Plastic Pallets Are Free of Foreign Bodies

Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets are not held together by nails and they resist foreign bodies from becoming embedded in them. This is one of the major benefits of using plastic pallets from an occupational safety and health point of view. Your workers will be safe while handling these pallets, which are also designed to facilitate manipulation with forklifts and pallet trucks.

7. Plastic Pallets Are Designed for Automated Equipment

You can easily integrate plastic pallets into an automated assembly and packaging line. They can be used on conveyor belts and by robotic arms, as well as by motorized warehouse machines.

Logistic Packaging is ready to help your company improve its operations and reduce its costs by switching to returnable plastic pallets and other professional packaging solutions. Send us an email to start discussing your business needs with out experts!