foldable pallet container solve supply chain problems

5 Supply Chain Problems You Can Solve with Foldable Pallet Containers

Supply chain managers are among the ultimate problem solvers. Every day they are confronted by new challenges, from the most trivial to the most complex. As professional packaging producers, we are among the key partners and suppliers that supply chain managers can rely on. From creating unique packaging solutions to finding better ways to ship products at a reduced cost, we are here to you in your work. Today, we will highlight the role of foldable pallet containers in making your supply chain more cost effective and reliable.

Foldable Bulk Containers Are the Packaging of Choice for Large Shipments

When you need to transport a large quantity of goods – be them raw materials, semi-finished parts or finished products – large pallet containers are the best packaging solution.

They combine three key features:

  • Standard EURO footprint
  • Versatile use: for bulk products or equipped with divider systems to maximize the number of products per container
  • Space saving capabilities, as the walls collapse onto the base, reducing the container volume by 70%.

Thanks to these features, foldable pallet containers can be used in almost all industries, such as automotive, industrial manufacturing, retail, textiles and more.

Foldable Pallet Containers Help Solve 5 Supply Chain Problems

Right now, the global supply chain is going through one of the biggest crisis, with labor, material and shipping costs constantly on the rise. This crisis comes on top of the daily challenges supply managers face.

While top business strategists work hard to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis, the team of packaging experts at Logistic Packaging can help supply chain managers solve five common issues by replacing other packaging solutions with foldable pallet boxes.

These are:

1. Reduced ROI on Packaging

Returnable plastic packaging usually achieves full ROI by the end of its lifespan. This is possible for the following reasons:

  • Professional packaging solutions are designed and built for long term use
  • All packages, especially foldable pallet containers, are recommended for intense and repeated use cycles
  • These packages have a sturdy build – they do not require repairs or frequent replacement
  • The design of foldable pallet boxes facilitates quick cleaning and sanitizing, reducing the down time when the container is not in use.

2. High Costs for Return Logistics

Many returnable packaging solutions take up exactly the same trailer space on the return journey, when they are empty. This translates into high costs just to get your empty packages back.

Foldable pallet containers solve this important and expensive problem. When they are not in use, their walls collapse on the base. Thus, the volume of the container is reduced by up to 70%. In other words, your empty packages will occupy just 30% of the trailer space, resulting in significant savings on return logistics.

3. Product Waste during Unloading

Emptying a large container often results in product loss, unless your warehouse workers are using special unloading equipment. Even if 1% of the materials are lost per container, it can quickly add up to a significant amount.

Foldable bulk containers solve this issue. They are equipped with access doors on the long and short sides, facilitating effortless and complete unloading of the entire cargo. For bulk materials, we offer a modified version of the container – the sleeve pack unit – to ensure complete unloading quickly and efficiently.

4. Cleaning and Sanitizing the Packaging Materials

Hygiene is extremely important when it comes to packaging materials. In some industries, packages must meet strict standards of hygiene and sanitizing. To meet these standards, many companies spend significant amounts of money on complex cleaning procedures.

With foldable pallet containers, the entire process is shorter, simpler and less expensive. The simple design with smooth walls facilitates cleaning and sanitizing either manually or in container washing systems.

5. Dealing with Waste When Packages Reach End of Life

Generating packaging waste is one of the things that can ruin a company’s reputation at the present. Consumers demand sustainability and efficient waste management from any kind of business – from automotive makers to retail stores.

Choosing foldable pallet containers is a smart way of solving this issue. For one, they have a long lifespan – between 5 and 7 years. Also, when they do reach the end of life, these containers are fully recyclable.

When every day brings a fresh challenge, Logistic Packaging helps you find solutions to keep your company’s supply chain cost-effective and profitable. Send us an email to start discussing your packaging projects with our consultants!