we can produce customized autoclave sheets in any quantity

5 Benefits of Using Customized Autoclave Sheets in Food Processing Facilities

Canned food is one of the best solutions for preserving the shelf life of many food products, including meat and vegetables. One of the critical steps in the canning process is sterilization in the autoclave. To improve their productivity, may food processing plants choose customized autoclave sheets (also known as Duraster sheets).

These simple but ingenious accessories are made to fit your autoclave and help maximize the number of cans per sterilization process. They are an effective replacement of traditional stainless steel sheets used traditionally in the sterilization machine, for several reasons which the Logistic Packaging experts will discuss here.

What Exactly Are Duraster Sheets?

Our customized autoclave sheets are made of virgin PP or PE. These materials are resistant to high temperatures and offer a high loading capacity for a low own weight. Otherwise, they work just like the traditional autoclave layers. The sealed cans are arranged on the surface of the sheet and submerged in hot water in the autoclave.

However, this is where the similarities between Duraster sheets and traditional autoclave steel sheets stop. Here are the most important benefits of using this innovative product:

1. Customized Autoclave Sheets Are Made According to Your Specifications

The most important thing about Duraster sheets is that they are not a ready-made product that you would have to cut to size or otherwise adapt to your sterilization machine. Our packaging specialists will use your specifications in terms of:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Design (perforation pattern)
  • Shape.

Thus guarantees that the sheet will fit perfectly inside your autoclave.

2. We Can Produce the Sheets in Small Quantities

Most of the times, when you reach out to a supplier and ask for a customized item, you usually have to order a large quantity. This is not the case when it comes to Duraster sheets.

The technology we use allows us to produce ten or 1,000 customized autoclave sheets without making changes to our machines or the manufacturing process. Thus, you can start by ordering a small batch to test the new sterilization sheets, and then place a larger order, if necessary.

3. You Can Fit Several Sheets in the Sterilization Machine

Customized autoclave sheets are thinner and lighter than steel ones. This means that you can increase the number of layers inside the autoclave per sterilization cycle.

Thus, you can increase your productivity with a small investment, and without making any changes to your technological processes.

At the same time, you will need less space to store unused Duraster sheets. This is also important in a food production facility where every square inch of space is very valuable

4. Our Manufacturing Process Guarantees a Perfect Finish

Customized autoclave sheets are the result of intense R&D work. We perfected a production method that does not cause deformation or any other damages to the Duraster sheets. Even after intense use at very high temperatures, they will maintain their professional finish and physical properties.

5. Duraster Sheets Are 100% Recyclable

Once they reach the end of their lifespan, you can easily recycle the customized autoclave sheets. They material can then be reused to create other professional plastic packaging solutions.

At the same time, your company will be able to reduce its carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

The Logistic Packaging team is ready to help you identify the best packaging solutions for your application. From standard packages to customized autoclave sheets, we have the capability to design and produce any kind of material you need. Send us an email to start discussing your project with a packaging expert!