happy new year

A New Year with Fresh Challenges for Logistic Packaging

We have finished celebrating, put aside the party hats and the glasses of champagne and now we realize that the New Year is actually here, and we have to start making those resolutions happen. For Logistic Packaging, 2016 signifies a specific milestone: when we stop being a medium sized company and we aim at growing our team, becoming more prepared, more available and more receptive to our customers and their demands.

These are the main New Year resolutions which we took and we will fulfill in the course of 2016:

Expand Our Sales, Counseling and Customer Support Team

We are proud of our increasing customer base, so we realize that we should do more for them. We should keep the waiting time on the phone down to the minimum, and we should always have a packaging expert available for a Skype video call on short notice. This is why we are already scouting for talents, for people who share our vision and our enthusiasm in serving clients and providing them with the best packaging and logistics solution.

We expect to see an increase of 20% to our sales and customer support team during the first half of 2016 and to reassess the need for further team members depending on the response we get from our customers.

Implement a Top Performing CRM System

Automation is one of the key recommendations we make our clients when we evaluate their logistics processes. So, we have decided to follow our own advice and implement a powerful CRM system, which will be extremely beneficial both for our clients and our sales team.

Thus, we hope to achieve a few significant improvements in our daily business: shorter waiting time for responding to an inquiry, more control for our supply and logistics team regarding the necessary stocks and real time information sent to our clients whenever they inquire about the status of an order.

New Products

Top level technological innovations in logistics equipment are always available first in the United States and China – two of the largest developers and manufacturers of high tech devices in the world. Starting with 2016, the latest technologies available on these highly developed markets will also be available in Europe. Logistic Packaging will become the first professional and logistics company which will import and distribute exclusive products as soon as they are released on the US and Asian markets, so stay tuned for further announcements.

And this is not all…

As always, Logistic Packaging is trying to keep up with the latest technological developments and bringing you the most innovative products and solutions. Whatever innovations 2016 brings in our industry, our clients will be among the first to enjoy them!

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