Foldable Small Containers

Foldable small containers are the perfect choice if your company needs a reliable and space saving packaging solution. The folding plastic containers have standard footprints and can be easily stacked on pallets for shipping to customers. They are also provided with label holder as standard feature, which helps your employees and transport partners process the loaded foldable small containers faster.

How Much Space Can You Save with Folding Plastic Containers?

Our folding container boxes can reduce their volume by up to 85% when the walls are collapsed down on the bottom. They have a special locking system which allows your employees to set up and fold down the plastic containers quickly and safely. The mechanism is designed to resist intense use and the maximum load for each container.

The folding plastic containers can be arranged in stable stacks. Thus, you can optimize the space in trailers when you are shipping goods and on the return journey of the empty reusable packages.

Where Are Foldable Small Containers Used?

The folding storage containers are extremely versatile. They can be used in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • distribution
  • retail
  • food/catering

One of the benefits of these small folding containers is the low total cost of ownership. The foldable crates have a sturdy build and are made of replaceable parts. Thus, you can repair a damaged container instead of writing it off completely.

At the same time, folding container boxes can be customized by printing and hot stamping. You can add your logo and company name or any other branding element. We encourage you to browse our entire selection of foldable small containers and contact us to discuss your project!