bread and bakery crates

From the Oven to the Store Shelves: Bread and Bakery Crates Are the Solution!

Sliced bread, rolls, French baguettes and sweet or salty pastries – every customer walking into your store has their favorite bakery product. And they expect to find the bread and bakery aisle well stocked with fresh products. But this kind of food is extremely sensitive and inadequate packaging and handling can damage it. This is why the packaging industry developed a special range of bread and bakery crates.

The Fresh Bread Supply Chain: Short Cycles and Many Risks

When supermarket managers plan their replenishment schedule, they need to create separate cycles for each type of product. For products with long shelf life, they can plan ahead for days. Even some types of foods, such as sturdy legumes like potatoes and onions, have a slower replenishment cycle.

When it comes to bread and pastries, the supply cycle is calculated in terms of hours. In general, there are two peak hours for bread sales:

  • early in the morning, when consumers buy bread and bakery pastries for lunch at the office,
  • in the late afternoon when they come back from work and start planning dinner.

And each time, your clients expect to find a wide range of products to choose from, looking fresh and soft, just out of the oven.

Packaging and Shipping Bakery Products: the Two Scenarios

To adapt to the increasing demand, stores came up with different approaches. Specialized bakery stores can keep bringing fresh bread to the aisle because their ovens are in the same building or close nearby.

As for large supermarkets, they order frozen preformed dough and quickly bake it on the premises. This allows them to keep replenishing the aisles at the shortest notice, making sure that they sustain minimum loss as a result of stale, unsold products.

These two types of bread supply cycles appear at odds: some stores need packaging crates with high temperature resistance, while others need packaging with low temperature resistance. What if both types of stores could use the same models of bread and bakery crates?

Bread and Bakery Crates Are All About Convenience and Food Safety

When the Logistic Packaging experts designed and tested the bread and bakery crates range, we considered the challenges faced both by bakeries and the retailers. Fresh bread, pies, strudels and other pastries require delicate handling. The slightest pressure can crush or permanently dent them.

At the same time, bakery products need constant ventilation. Shut in a box or container, the vapors from the hot bread will form condensation on the inner walls of the packaging. This means moisture, the number one enemy of bread and bakery products.

Thus, the Logistic Packaging R&D team considered the ideal features of the ideal packaging for bread and bakery products:

  • smooth inner walls to protect the products from crushing
  • walls with perforations to allow constant ventilation of the products
  • resistance to low and high temperatures
  • ergonomic handles for easy manipulation
  • smooth areas for labeling
  • raw materials approved for food contact.

One Packaging Product for Various Use Cases

We created the bread and bakery crates to meet complex and high demands from our customers. Among these clients we have:

  • small bakeries that need reliable packaging with a long lifespan and a low TCO
  • retail stores that need to handle and identify products quickly
  • large hypermarkets that prepare preformed frozen dough
  • brands focused on reducing wastes and their carbon footprint.

Each of these clients can find the features and benefits they need in our range of bread and bakery crates. And for each of them we helped make the transition from their old packaging materials to this reliable and long term solution.

The bread and bakery crates are design and built to sustain intense use over a long period of time. Once they need replacement, they have achieved full ROI and are 100% recyclable.

The mission of Logistic Packaging is to help businesses find the best packaging and logistic solutions for their supply chain. Send our packaging experts an email or schedule a live Skype chat to discuss your specific challenges!