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The VDA R-KLT boxes are lightweight and simplified version of the classic C-KLT model. Featuring minimized ribbing on the outer edge of the base and support struts for increased stability and integrated label holder, the R-KLT storage tote is lighter and thus optimizes the overall quantity of products per shipment.

The smallest version of this automotive KLT box, with a 300 x 200 mm base is completely smooth on the bottom surface. All the other models benefit from the advantage of multiple stacking positions, thanks to the ribbed base.

As any other VDA approved storage box, the R-KLT series is the first choice of top automotive companies due to their sturdy and resilient build, allowing intense and long term use in automated production facilities and offering maximum safety to the spare parts stored in them.

The closed handles facilitate manual loading and unloading and the ribbed outer edges ensure proper stability in stack.