SeeThrough Foldable Boxes

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SeeThrough – Display More, Sell More

The SeeThrough line of foldable small containers is specially designed to blend the functionality of a reliable transport packaging with the high quality look of an in-store display system. The transparent material and the minimalistic designs put the focus on your merchandise, not the packaging.

What Are the Benefits of Using See Through Foldable Crates?

The see through crates and trays are easy to move from warehouse to store with minimum handling. This will help you reduce the time in restocking shelves, as well as the risk of damage to the products. Also, the transparent small containers will save you storage space when not in use, thanks to the innovative folding system which reduces their height by more than half.

The materials used for manufacturing this line of products are easy to clean, resistant to oil, fats, fungi, acids, and solvents. They are also odor resistant, making them an ideal transport and display packaging for various types of food.

Blend Professional Packaging with Marketing

This special range of foldable small crates was created especially for retail. As you know, visual appeal is everything and it represents the primary reason for a shopper’s decision to buy a product.

The see through foldable trays and crates help focus all visual attention on the product and have a professional and hygienic look. This means that you achieve two goals with one product: safe and secure packaging and compliance with the marketing strategy of your supermarket.

We encourage you to browse our full range of see through foldable crates and trays and select the product that best fits your needs!