Dolly Transfer Pallet

Factory production must be smooth and continuous flow from the delivery of the parts and subsystems to the packaging of the finished products. The dolly transfer pallet is the indispensable item which makes all the difference in the production flow, allowing the quick dispatch of products from the end of the assembly line directly into the truck.

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The main advantage of the dolly transfer pallet is minimizing handling by operators and speeding up the delivery of items directly from the supplier of the raw materials to the assembly line and onwards to the point of delivery of the finished goods.

The dolly transfer pallets produced by Logistic Packaging are designed to fit standard EURO pallet size. They are perfectly adapted to be used at the end of a standard conveyor line. The lifter element included in the design allow operators to adjust the ergonomic height and thus improve the supply flow.

Advantages of the dolly transfer pallet:

  • Saves both time and money in the logistic flow, by reducing handling and human input into the loading process for merchandize dispatch;
  • Improves production flow by stacking several pallets on the same dolly;
  • Grouping pallets on a high rack system will optimize trailer usage space;
  • Steady and safe transportation of goods by adding a top lid to the dolly transfer pallet.

Depending on your needs, the dolly transfer pallet can be equipped with:

  • 100 mm nylon wheels
  • 100 mm ESD rubber/ hard plastics wheels
  • 100 mm grey rubber wheels.

Contact us with the details of your logistics process and we will recommend the best type of dolly transfer pallet for your business.

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