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Roll Containers Help Local Supermarket Speed Up Shelf Restocking

Local shops have a hard time keeping up with big box stores. They cannot offer the same variety of brands and loyalty discounts. What makes them thrive is being strategically placed in the heart of local communities, close to the customers. In this case study, we will show how a small local supermarket overcame restocking problems by choosing roll containers.

The Problem: Not Enough Employees to Restock Shelves Quickly

As a small local business, the supermarket owner hired just enough people to ensure that the daily operations run smoothly. However, during peak hours, most of them had to work as cashiers to keep the queues of customers short and manageable.

This means that there was only one employee available to open boxes in the backroom, move the merchandize on dollies and restock the shelves. This is a time consuming operation, especially for heavy and bulky goods, such as bottled water and maxi-packs of various groceries.

Logistic Packaging Experts Evaluate the Client’s Situation

The Logistic Packaging team spent a day in the supermarket backroom observing the operations. At the best of times, three employees were available to receive merchandize from the delivery truck, arrange it in the backroom and restock the store shelves.

The supermarket used a combination of returnable plastic containers and pallets, but some goods would arrive in cardboard boxes. Thus, store employees lost a lot of time unpacking the goods, putting away reusable packaging and flattening cardboard boxes to put into the disposal bin.

After the observation, our consultants realized that a single change in packaging solutions could solve the client’s problems.

Our Specialists Recommend Metallic Roll Containers to Replace Other Packages

The packaging experts realized that the supermarket employees could receive merchandize and bring it directly to the store shelves whenever necessary on roll containers.

These customized packaging solutions are the most efficient way to:

  • Order picking in the warehouse
  • Delivery in vans and trucks
  • Storage in supermarket backrooms
  • Shelf replenishment in the sale area.

Our consultants discussed with the supermarket owner and helped them design a fully customized model of metal roll cage.

A Dual Role: Restocking Shelves and Displaying Merchandize

The metallic roll container designed for the supermarket features:

  • Up to four removable shelves
  • Two fixed walls o the short side
  • Two removable walls on the long side, allowing the roll cage to turn into a display unit
  • Cover with straps to protect goods during delivery
  • Foldable model to save space when not in use.

The client analyzed video simulations showing how employees can work faster and more efficiently and decided to implement the roll containers.

Client’s Feedback

Just two months after implementation, the client reported a significant improvement in the restocking operations. Even during peak hours, the shelves would be full with all the products the customers needed.

In this way, the supermarket managed to recapture some clients who were unhappy with the low stocks and tended to shop elsewhere.

The supermarket also reduced operational costs related to the disposal of single-use packaging. Our specialists’ calculations indicate that the roll cages will reach full ROI in less than two years after implementation.

Logistic Packaging can help your business find the adequate packaging solutions for your needs. If standard packages are not a good fit, we will help you design customized packaging materials to suit your products. Send us an email to discuss your packaging needs with our specialists!