Metallic Open Front Bins

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The metallic open front bins have been developed especially for the manufacturing, automotive and distribution industries to help transport delicate items which need to be protected from mechanical shocks and vibration during transportation and storage. These special storage bins are made of steel sheet, thus offering high mechanical load capacities in a compact form.

Thanks to these characteristics, the metallic open front bins can be used for the transportation and storage of heavy but delicate items, such as car components, industrial parts and valuable merchandize.

The metallic bins are designed with rolled rims in order to create optimal stability in stack. The front opening of the bins offers easy access to the contents, thus they can also be used at work stations, integrated in shelf systems. The metallic bins are treated with a special galvanized outer layer to protect them from rusting, and are available in a wide range of sizes to cover all applications.

Logistic Packaging also offers a variety of useful accessories for the metallic open front bins:

  • Lids
  • Lifting trolleys
  • Insert boxes
  • Vertical and horizontal separators
  • Transparent dust flaps