Non-Euro Boxes

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In many industries standard sized packaging is not convenient, and for this reason Logistic Packaging offers you a range of special size stackable and nestable boxes. These plastic totes have a special design which allows them to be stacked when they are filled with products. On the return journey, when they are empty, by turning them around by 1800, the storage boxes become nestable. Thus, your company can save transportation costs both during the shipping of products and on the return of empty packages. At the same time, you can optimize the usage of your storage space by keeping empty non-Euro boxes nested.

These non-standard footprint containers can be used in many industries: distribution, manufacture, textiles, pharmaceutical, courier and postal services. They were created to offer a space saving and efficient packaging solution for challenging applications, when the products would not fit properly in Euro-sized boxes and containers. The plastic storage boxes are designed with various features to offer an adequate solution for all applications:

  • Solid bottom
  • Smooth inner walls
  • Perforated or solid walls
  • Closed handles

For each special sized container model we can also offer you lids to keep your products safe and protected from dust and other contamination during transport.