Nestable Containers for Pharma Industry

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Pharmaceutical products are extremely sensitive products. Their integrity must not be compromised even by a speck of dust, and most of the products must be delivered quickly and maintained at a constant temperature during transit.

The nestable containers for pharma industry are designed and manufactured to be fitted optionally with a Neopor inner container which maintains the temperature of transported products at 20-80 C for 16 hours. The container itself is made of durable PPE and can be used for numerous cycles of delivery.

The special lid of the shipping totes can be customized with an anti-tampering lock or with RFID label or chip, so that both the sender and the receiver of the products can monitor the products during transport.

The container is also provided with drainage holes to facilitate cleaning and return it to a new cycle of usage in the shortest time. At the end of the useful life, the shipping tote for pharma industry is 100% recyclable.