Bale-Arm Containers

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Bale arm containers are extremely versatile and can be used in many industries where reliable packaging and space saving capabilities are key requirement. Our bale arm crates are made from virgin materials and can be used for the storage and transport of products in:

  • agriculture
  • food processing
  • distribution
  • grocery distribution
  • shelf display.

What Are the Key Features of Bale Arm Crates?

These plastic stackable and nestable containers have special arms that determine their position one on top of the other. When the arms are pulled back, the bale arm containers can be nested one inside the other, reducing their volume by 70%.

However, when the plastic crates are packed with products, the bale arms are placed towards the middle of the container, allowing it to be safely stacked above another full container.

One Basic Model with Many Applications

The containers with stacking arms in our catalog are adequate for different products with specific storage and transport requirements. Thus, some models have perforated bottom and walls to allow ventilation for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Other models have full bottom and walls, which ensure optimal protection to products that must be kept away from dust, dirt, spillage and other contaminations.

All the containers with stacking arms have open handles to facilitate moving and arranging on shelves. They are available in several bright colors to improve identification and help you reinforce your brand image.

Please browse our range of bale arm crates and contact our packaging specialists to discuss your application!