Rigid Pallet Boxes

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When you need uncompromising strength and durability for the safe storage and transportation of your products, the rigid pallet containers offered by Logistic Packaging are the answer. Designed and built for heavy loads and intense use, our bulky pallet containers offer the maximum loading capacity for a pallet container. Rigid pallet boxes are popular in all industries, and are used in a wide variety of applications such as agriculture, food, automotive and more.

These plastic big boxes are designed keeping in mind all the requirements for ergonomic handling and storage, with rounded sides and rims and smooth double walls which are easy to clean in any automated washing station.

Logistic Packaging offers various customized options beside the standard range of rigid pallet containers, including:
– castor wheels for quick and easy moving inside the warehouse;
– available with solid or perforated walls;
– skids for handling with the forklift;
– access doors to facilitate loading and unloading;
– lids to secure the goods packed inside the container.

The main advantages of these big boxes are the low weight which helps reduce your overall transport costs, superior durability and hygiene compared to wooden crates or metallic containers and the compatibility with automated production and handling systems.