PCB Racking System

These mini racks are an essential packaging material for the electronics industry. Small-sized, delicate and carefully manufactured electronic boards of various shapes and sizes can be safely packed together and shipped in large quantities all over the world. And they arrive at the destination in perfect working condition, no matter what hard trip they had to endure.

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The PCB racking system is designed to hold a large number of printed circuit boards, ensuring both physical integrity and ESD protection during packing, handling and transportation.

The PCB racking systems produced by Logistic Packaging are fully customizable depending on the type of electronic boards you have to transport. Other characteristics:

  • standard 4mm fitting grooves or large 8 mm grooves
  • easy board insertion
  • made of ESD materials which can be standard, reinforced or double-reinforced
  • optional handle for easy carrying

The PCB racking system can be made to fit inside any type of ESD boxes and containers. Contact us for a fully customized offer best adapted to your needs.

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